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My book, Rice Pudding In A Duvet. 160 pages of delicious stories inspired by recipes - with a pinch of sea salt! A mother’s letter to her daughter; the adventures of Alice Bonneville-Beck will take you from campsite to kitchen via the finest hotels, Parisian tenements, Australian outback and misty Norwegian mountains. “Rice Pudding in a Duvet, a journey home with snacks” offers nourishment for the soul blended and served with laughter, tears, a twinkle in the eye and a recipe at the end of each chapter. Alice writes from the heart and cooks from memories of her own path to womanhood and her quest to find the way home.



“H’Art” – photograph

A 20 x 20 cm glossy photograph by Heather Gartside. The artwork is part of a limited edition collection and is posted worldwide (minus the watermark) complete with a signed authenticity certificate. Please make your PayPal and enter your full postal address in the contact form below, plus the product name and quantity.


Shrimath – photograph

This 20 x 30 cm image was taken in February 2018. I was startled by the transformation of this grey pool into gold with the setting sun. This is the start of a series of images taken in and around the now non-existent palace of Hirscholm. I feel ghosts and fairy tales at every turn, and wonder what secrets lie beneath the still waters.