About Heather Gartside

“Life is my muse, experience my teacher”

Raised in England, but I’ve lived abroad for the past twenty-five years. From the soft hills of Herefordshire to bohemian days London, Paris and Tokyo. Then the gentle years of motherhood which took me and my little family to Belgium, Norway, the USA and Australia. And now Denmark, where the babies are teenagers and I return once more to my creative work.

I work in several different fields: as a writer, a photographer and as an artist and designer. I like to smudge the edges of these disciplines and bring vivid painterly elements into my prose, and a lyricism to my images and designs. I’m currently writing my second book, The Middle Distance. 

I’m irresistibly drawn to record what I see, how I feel and react in my storytelling and photography. I use my own experiences as material, plus a dash of magical realism and a large pinch of salt. Sometimes I feel more like a cat when I escape, in the nick of time, to live to tell the tale. And that’s what I do best – reinvention.

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Heather Gartside