Mission Accomplished


All the school supplies and DSV flags have arrived

I’m very pleased to say that the loving cargo of school supplies sent from Denmark to Southern India has arrived. I tracked the items as they travelled across the world, and I wished that I’d been able to fly with them, or even better sail there and take weeks and weeks writing, reflecting and taking photographs. Then, for me to see my friends in Bangalore, at Shrimath Yoga School and of course all these sweetly smiling faces of the children at Arjunabettahalli School.

But the mighty DSV shipping company capably took it from my fanciful hands and expertly transported it for no charge at all, earning much global respect and admiration in the process. From the back of my car to the happy faces in the photo above it took about a week; the cargo holds many items to help with educating the children and were all donated by families at NGG International School in Denmark and  friends and family in England, Denmark and Spain.

Namaste everyone. Together we did something good!