Step.3 – Rice Pudding on the Information Highway

The view that I mentioned in the interview

Yesterday I posted a link to an in-depth Q and A interview at Smashwords, the company who will be publishing my e-book:

Now I would like to invite YOU to comment and suggest additional questions. Please leave your message in the comment section below. I promise to try to answer (most of) them in the interview.

With warm regards,



  1. Just read your interview, Heather. Felt like I was having a nice conversation with you on a spring day! Loved it. When is the book available for purchase???? Cannot wait! I am so excited you took the leap for yourself! Good show! Xxxxx


    1. Hi Mary!
      Thanks for your comment. I can see Malaysia on my dashboard stats, gosh you are far away!
      I’m feeling really ill (it must be because I stayed-up half the night blogging). But the plan is to apply for my ISBN, upload and..’hey presto’ publish. I have been recommended to create a stir by making it a pre-ordering title. Watch this space! Smashwords 9my indie publisher) will be holding my hand for the next steps with my baby.


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